Hey There!

I’m Jacqui , first time mum to Charlotte. I started this blog as a bit of a diary during my MAT leave and then before I knew it i was sharing more about myself. I am by no means a natural writer but I’m definitely an overshared.

I chose to share our highs and lows because becoming a mum can be really isolating and lonely at times. I had no idea how different my life was going to be and if i can make one person feel less lonely then job done.

In my spare time (like i actually have any) i like to go to the gym and baking. I read when i can and occasional i will put together a roast on a Sunday. I work part-time and I’m attempting to find work/life/mum balance on the daily.

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My January Favourites….

So this is a bit different for me but there have been a few things I have actually been living in January and though why not share. Sharing is caring after all. First up is Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisturise. I’ve never been one to religiously put on moisturiser after a bath or a shower… Continue reading My January Favourites….