Life Before

Let’s start at the very begining (a very good place to start….)

Like all (or most women – I am pro choice and all who sail inn her) I knew at some point I wanted to be a mum. I didn’t have a timeline or 5 year plan (frankly I couldn’t plan next week so 5 years was asking too much). Relationships came and went from my teens into my early 20’s and then suddenly I found myself standing in a white dress saying I do. Long story short a few years later I found myself back at home (it’s a struggle when you’ve had your own place and suddenly your dad tries to give your a curfew again πŸ™ˆ), getting a divorce and the furthest away from having children I think I’d ever felt.

Fast forward a few months and i had decided to try online dating to get back on the market. And that’s when I met my partner. I’m not sure I believed in love at first sight before but it’s safe to say I do now. Our first date was quite literally the first date I think I’ve actually been on and I wouldn’t change a thing. So a year later I upped sticks and moved in with him. We had discussed children before this as I knew it was something I definitely wanted and whomever I was going to spend my life with needed to be on the same page. We decided to not, not try ( sounds very complex but it basically ment I wasn’t on the pill and he wasn’t buying durex anymore).

So as you can tell from me now being a mum it worked. To say it was quicker than expected would be correct. To say it came as a shock would also be correct. To take a pregnancy test on New year’s Eve and find out your pregnant is both joyful and well complicated because I had the sudden realisation that we had plans, that had involved me drinking copious amounts of alcohol and obviously that would no longer her be happening but how do I do that without everyone we were with noticing (idiot – surely you could have waited one more day, but apparently your lack of patience got the better of you).

So on the 1st of January like some weird and wonderful twist of fate I found myself getting well aquatinted with our bathroom toilet not thanks to the previously planned copious amounts of alcohol but due to my bodies realisation that I was indeed pregnant and that hormones were now surging me into the delight of morning sickness.

From one exhausted mummy and her eye bags πŸ™‚


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