Life Before

The Journey Begins

So where to start……

It’s true what they say nothing could possibly ever prepare you for motherhood. It is every cliche in the book. Well that’s what’s I’ve found so far. My bouncing bundle of joy is now a whopping 9 weeks old and it’s safe to say that life is very different to what I imagined. You read the books and create an image in your head of being a mum. You think that your going to bounce back after the birth and .come over all homely, baking for fun while your little cherub naps or getting out their in ‘active wear’ parading the buggy with joy and a of course the obligatoru Starbucks cup ( ok so my idea of motherhood was clearly something vaguely close to and exactly the opposite of the film Bad Mom’s – brilliant film and exactly what I want to be when I eventually grow up!!) So reality is not that at all! I felt like I’d test drove an Audi and left the garage with a Kia ( we are now the proud owners of a Kia which in hindsight we should have done prior to the arrival of our little one and not 3 weeks postpartum – would highly recommend the sensible Kia Cee’d sportswagon, spacious, comfortable and not at all what my previous and very wrong thoughts were about this particular car manufacturer – sorry Kia, I now love you if that’s any consolation)

So if you hadn’t already figured out, I had obviously based all my ideas of motherhood on films and not at all on reality. I some where along the beautiful (sarcasm – which we will come on to at some point in this journey together) adventure that is pregnancy decided I was going to be a stepford wife. Not something any one of my nearest and dearest would ever associate with me, at all, which frankly makes the whole thing that little more hilarious. My dad would literally roll of the couch at the thought of me in a pinny coming down all motherly (baking however would not surprise him as I did it for a job for a few years and occasional my quote unexpectedly for everyone and most certainly my little kitchen, I decide to make a cake or scones (always cheese) or my granny’s recipe for scotch pancakes)

It’s safe to say I’ve had a reality check and I suppose I’m now inviting you to join me on my adventure as a mum. I can’t promise anything earth shattering that’s going to change your life forever but what I can promise is I will definitely over share, I will be honest and there will be time when we both wonder why, how and WTF!

From one exhausted mummy and her eyes bags 🙂

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