Life Before

Rest they said………

Bored!! So I’m resting, well basically I can’t do anything anyway. Frustration is boiling up inside me. My poor thing there half gets about 12 calls a day at work and my dad gets another 12. I dropped a sock…….well someone else is going to have to pick it up. I can’t get down to the washing maxhine, I can barely get up into the bed, I look about 90 trying to get in the shower. How did I get here?

There are still weeks to go……..

Luckily a few good friends have rallyed and I suddenly find I have afternoon teas sprouting out my ears. Thank god. I mean daytime telly has its limits and I can only nap for a few hours although these are so needed now due to the lack of sleep at night. I’m surprised I’ve not worn a hole in the hall carpet with the million trips to the loo in the night.

Turning over in bed is not only difficult due to my pelvis but it comes with the added – do I need a pee? I probably should pee? I do go now I might get a solid couple of hours so I go ……45 minutes later….  Do I need to pee? I should go just in case…….



The exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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