Life Before

Oh sh*t I think I just pee’d……

10 days to go til due date. Frankly that isn’t soon enough. Midwife appointment suggested that peanut isn’t engaged and seems happy. Me on the other hand – can’t remember the last time i had more than 45 minutes sleep at a time, I can’t turn over in bed, I get stuck on the couch…..basically I feel like a whale (Frankly I also at this point vaguely resemble a whale).

Finally get home after midwife and visiting in laws, devour KFC and shown partner how the sofa bed works because it’s getting to the point where I need the whole bed and he would most likely be happier on the sofa (I genuinely felt a little bad about this but also just needed to be able to starfish in the bed and not worry about waking or disturbing him). And then…..hmm… (In my head) have I pee’d? I better go check!

Visit the bathroom….hmm… If that is pee it’s not stopping. Suddenly realise that pee has a smell and this does not. Ok I’ve not pee’d, it’s my waters. But I don’t have contractions. WTF?!?!!

Hospital phoned. Sudden onset of realisation…..I’m gonna have a baby (like I’ve not had months to get my head round it, but that moment you suddenly think I’m gonna leave this house alone and then come back and pretty much never be alone again) quick panic phone call to my dad (voice of reason) then I’m happy to go get my baby out.

4 hours later I’m home. Indeed my waters had gone but the baby is fine. No need for me to be their until contractions start if not I’m getting induced the following night. So now I’m lying in my bed on a towel frankly uncomfortable and letting my brain go into overdrive about what is about to happen. Just let me sleep brain….I’m gonna need my energy!


The exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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