Life Before

Sleep was so overrated anyway ..

Let’s all be honest, lack of sleep is rubbish. Half in part to our delightful little babies wanting to be in your arms every minute of every day to begin with and the other half because you must know they are ok at all times which results in staring at them sleeping to watch their little chest rise and fall.

The first few weeks went in a blur of feeds, nappy changes and takeaway food. I pushed myself to much after getting home and suffered for it. I hadn’t planned to a) have her early and b) have a c section. I had no meals prepared in the freezer to make life easier (I had wanted a full freezer of easy to pop in the oven food) which meant that just eat became my new best friend. I struggled with actually needing help, I’ve always been too independent for my own good, so actually sitting and resting (which I really should have done) was a massive struggle. I hit a brick wall about 7 days after getting home and suddenly had to give in to the fact that actually I needed to rest and take all the help everyone was offering. I suppose hindsight is a wonderful thing and on reflection I should have just reated form day one. I’m lucky I didn’t do so much that it impeded my recovery but I so easily could have and that wouldn’t have been good for me or little P.

I think they’re may be too much focus these days in bouncing back from having a baby but why?!? I think that it’s important to give yourself a break because let’s be honest parenthood is no bed of roses. We all have different struggles and we have different circumstances. It’s about time it was acceptable to turn up looking like you’ve not slept because actually you haven’t and not be questioned or told ‘you look a bit off’. Really no shit I have a small child.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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