The First Year

Just me and a baby…..

So my when my other half went back to work I called in all my favours. My parents came to visit nearly everyday (partly due to all my doctor’s appointments and not being allowed to drive). I had literally saved every friend visit I could for this moment. I knew that not being allowed to drive or walk very far with the pram while recovering was going to be a major frustration for me so I saved some of my sanity (i.e adult contact) for when I knew I would be most likely to need it.

I was exactly right to do this. For the first two weeks between his days of and visits I was barely alone. It as lovely. It also meant by the time I was truly alone with our little girl the doctor had ok’d me to drive. I know in comparison to most 4 weeks postpartum from a c section seems early but after such a traunatra labour my recovery actually was pretty smooth. There was a few courses of overcautious antibiotics but overall I was very lucky.

I decided at this point to venture into the world of baby classes. My partner and I had done NCT antenatal so I was fortunate enough to have a group of mum friends already but let’s be honest it’s good to have a lot of friends who know exactly how you feel. We started with baby sensory. At 4 weeks old my darling daughter pretty much slept through the whole first class but we were out and frankly that was more important. It was nice to talk to mum’s with babies at all different stages and talk about what they were doing and how we were doing more importantly.

It’s easy to struggle and not tell anyone. You think your the only one and more often than not, your not. Having struggled with depression in the past long before I fell pregnant I was very aware of the probability that I may struggle postpartum. It’s important to talk to people, family, friends, midwives, health visitors, doctors, even if you think it’s completely irrelevant. Making sure that the people around you know how you feel helps them help you if you maybe aren’t coping with things. A lot of people say a lot of things on this subject. All I really have to start is don’t suffer in silence, don’t feel your failing because your not enjoying every minute. Parenting is the hardest job in the world!

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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