The First Year

Cuddles make everything better…

So at 6 weeks old our little peanut got a bug. You’ll be reading this thinking we’ll thats inevitable. True. However when they are so little it’s scary. Especially when all the over the counter medications are licensed for 2 months and older.

After a trip to the gp and some reassurance I was armed with oral paracetamol(always take gp and/or pharmacists advice, never just wing it). Plenty of cuddles and bottles little and often seemed to perk her up so I stupidly thought after one dose the miracle paracetamol had done it’s job. Little did I know that babies fevers can spike really quickly so I should have kept up regular doeses for probably about 24 – 48 hours (not medical advice just a personal realisation).

So little P had a spike in her fever which we think may have caused a febrile convulsion. These are often the case in young babies with a fever as they can’t regulate their own temperature when they are so small. For me it was the scariest seconds of my life (it felt like hours). She was fine after and a quick call to my gp who gave me more advice anda reassured me. More paracetamol and doeses over night cleared up whatever bug she had caught and after a few days of little and often feeding she was right as rain.

I will never forget this though. I was home alone at the time and it was beyond scary. I’m no medical professional but I do have to do CPR training yearly for my job so I know how to do that but anything else I’m 100% a panicker. I know she will get bugs and colds galore as she grows but the first time is undoubtedly the hardest as it’s uncharted territory. You work so hard to protect them against everything and then your defeated by a sure I’m not the only one who has went through this and I am aware that there are many little ones who are far sicker than my little peanut is. For those parents I send you love and hugs, what you go through is unimaginable but your strength and determination is inspirational.


The exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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