The First Year

Life as we know it….

It’s safe to say that life has done a 180. I’m sure every parent feels like this. I pointed out to my other half that in almost 8 weeks since little P joined us, I hadn’t really been away from her at all. I suddenly realised that beyond the occasional bath where I read for about 5 minutes then want my bed, I had been glued to our baby girl 24/7.

So when I was invited to one of my friends houses for a girlie dinner I literally jumped at the chance. I chose to drive as not drinking doesn’t bother me and I didn’t stay late, but I put make up on, dressed up a little and left the house without a child. Little P and her dad had a lovely daddy daughter night spenfing some quality time together without me breathing down his neck (it’s so hard not to stand over your other half as they parent in the begining), literally a win,win for everyone.

After about 6ish weeks I think we started to get the hang of parenting (I suppose if you ever get the hang of it). We were begining to get a sort of routine, not very stuctured but we tried the same things every night, bath, bottle, story and attempt to put down. Bedtime still varied between 8pm and midnight at this point and feeding was an all together unknown pH, however, we had learned to roll with the punches. I think because we have been so relaxed since Little Peanut arrived, she is generally super chilled out. If she screams or cries when we are out, we try not to get flustered or bothered by it, we just crack on with whatever it is she needs be it feeding, changing or cuddling. People will always look, stare and judge when you have an unhappy baby, there really isn’t a need for it. Babies only have one way of communicating their needs and why should that be a reason for judgement. My life hasn’t and won’t stop just because we’ve decided to expand our family. She is an extension of us and where I go, she goes (maybe not nightclubs though lol). Too many mum’s get out off but their unsettled little ones and feel that they can’t go out shopping or for lunch or even just for a walk for fear of being judged. Why should anyone be made feel like that?!? Go get on with your life with your baby and to hell with the critics.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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