The First Year

I don’t know who cried more…….

The dreaded 8 week jags were not only a shock for peanut but me too.I was not at all prepared to feel as emotional about it as I did. Luckily her dad had got the day off to come with us because otherwise I think I would have been traumatised.

When we arrived she had her baby checks done, hips, genitils, heart, etc. I was all brave and thought I had it together. Put her on my knee to get her jags as the doctor made them up. The minute I saw the needles I was like ‘nope can’t do this’. She was swiftly swapped to her dad’s knee and the emotional rollercoaster began.

She screamed as I expected she would. But that is a scream is one we had never heard before. It was the on pain cry. I had no idea how heartbroken it was going to make me. There was no amount of cuddles, rocking or bouncing that could immediately consoul her. I was desperately trying not to let my tears get a hold of me until we had at least left the surgery but that was not to be the case.

Her poor dad ended up cuddling her and consouling me in a free surgery til she calmed herself down enough for us to leave. For the rest of the day/night I was in utter turmoil. She was fine. Once she calmed down,she didn’t even bat an eyelid. You would never have known she’d had her jags.

I’m a massive believer in the immunizations and would always chose for her to get them however that was one of the hardest things.

I think as a new mum naturally your emotions are a little bit different after having a baby. Your whole life has changed. You have so many responsibilities you never had before. Before I was pregnant people often struggled to understand how I could out a brave face on things. I’ve always been the girl that shovels all her problems under the rug and I’ll deal with them latwr which let’s be honest is not the best or most helpful way to do it. However, since having my little Peanut, my emotions are flowing out of me quite freely. I’m not sure I will stick with it long term but for now, it’s nice not to be adding to the massive pileup of problem under my imaginary rug.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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