The First Year

The first, firsts…..

Everyday little peanut surprises me with something new that she has fathomed and figures out. I don’t think you realise how quickly babies develop until your a parent and watching them change everyday. She literally amazes me with her intellect all the time (I swear she’s been here before).

So here’s a little round up of the first, firsts (my English teacher would have been so proud of my use of punctuation). I’m not here to do the ‘look how amazing my baby is’, I’m just astounded at how quickly they learn.

1/ The accidentally roll over.

While enjoying some tummy time at around 4 weeks old she somehow managed to get herself from her front to her back. She has done it only twice since, so an absolute fluck! I think she was in as much shock as we were.

2/ Ooh the box with moving shapes (The TV)

So I’m not a parent who shoves my child on front of the TV all day, however, it has its uses. She is mesmerized by anything with greenery. Luckily for her dad that falls in line with his love of golf and rugby. I quite often come through in the morning to them sitting on the couch together wayching golf and cuddling up (I mean he’s watching, she’s just staring at the shapes). My heart melts everytime.

3/Flicking my dummy out game

She’s has learned to flick her dummy out with her hands. She thinks this is an amazing game. She flicks her dummy out, cries, I put the dummy back in, we beign again. She loves it, me not so much.

4/ Grabbing stuff

I feel like this is pretty self explanatory. I have the usual parental complaints about this……. Why the hair? Not my necklace? Don’t put it in your mouth!

5/ Putting stuff in her mouth (mainly her hands)

Wet hands!!! So not only does she rub her drool covered face all over me at every opportunity, she also grabs at me with her wet hands. She’s not quite got the concept of teething rings or Sophie la Giraffe down yet but I’m sure it’s not far away. In the mean time, she desperately tries to eat her hands, chew her sleeves and she has it on for her muslins.

This adventure is unexpected most days. Every morning I wake up wondering what the day will hold and every day I’m surprised by her. She makes the bad days good even of she is driving me up the wall.


From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags



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