The First Year

And in a blink of an eye……

When you find out your expecting, 12 weeks is your first marker. You think if we make it to that, then we are ok. Its the first milestone in your adventure.

Getting to 12 weeks postpartum seems like just as big a milestone. I’m finally starting to feel like the old me (or the new version of who she used to be). Its been so long since I’ve felt semi normal, Like I can trust my body again – for this I am very greatful.

Having a 12 week old (3month old – like when did weeks Vs months become a thing 🙈, when people ask me how old she is I feel like I stumble at the first hurdle. Not because I don’t know but because I don’t know whether they want weeks or months 🤣) is an everyday adventure. Little Peanut is the happiest little soul, until she’s not. I swear she lives on a knife edge between utter uphoria and omg the world is going to end. I’m sure this is very much the case for other 3 month olds.She has a voice (well she makes an array of noises) and she is not scared to use it.

This is the point where most would go onto a detailed plan of their routine and how it’s working for them to have structure. We have no structure. She feeds when’s she hungry, she plays when she’s awake. We bath her roughly the same time every night. Bed time works in a kind of 2 hours slot. For us it works. My other half works a varied shift pattern so having a military procession step by step routine wouldn’t necessarily work for us. Its important for us to be flexible around his working hours to ensure quality family time but also quality time for ourselves.

I honestly can’t believe how quickly the last 3 months have gone. I look at pictures of peanut in disbelief at how this tiny little helpless baby is now very much aware of herself. She is begining to show herself and apart from the potential to be a little madam, she is showing signs of a kind and caring nature. She is definitely set to be one independent little lady and I’m sure will continue to surprise us each and every day with her little idiosyncrasies.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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