The First Year

Its Christmas…….nearly

So Christmas for me starts on the 1st of December. You open that little door of joy on your advent calender and boom it’s begun. This year has, had me far to excited. Our first as a 3. Little Peanuts first. And for the first time both our families together (well that’s the plan). So here’s a little round up of things we did to make Christmas last a whole month (ish):

Chinese Lanterns at the Zoo

It has become a yearly celebration that our local zoo puts on a display of Chinese silk lanterns running from later November to February. We went in 2017 for a date night and I couldn’t wait to take Peanut this year. She loves twinkly lights. Although the weather wasn’t that great on the night, Little P seemed to love the colours and lights. It was lovely to do something as a family that we all seemed to enjoy, but more importantly we made memories.

My Work Night Out

This was the first time I’ve been out,out since having Peanut. I lived in fear of a hangover with a small child which I think may have saved my liver a little. It was super lovely to get dressed up and make an effort. I however will forever more be Cinderella as the only way I see the early hours of the morning is if Little P needs a feed or a change. Gone are the days of clubbing and partying til McDonald’s opens for breakfast.

Baby Sensory Christmas Party

This was peanuts first ever Christmas party. Her dad and I had bought a little festive outfit specially for a her festive events (she has a way better social life than I ever did!). Peanut had an absolute ball. There was jingle bells and daddy daughter dancing. I did the hokey cokey (for those not in know it’s a dance) with her. We got a family picture under the mistletoe. And if I didn’t feel festive before then I certainly did after that. We took beyond a reasonable amount of photos and had the best time as parents ever.

Afternoon Tea with The Mum

I’ve spoken about my NCT mum’s before and this meet up was the best yet. Finally we managed to all get in one place together which can be a logistical nightmare with 7 babies. Its so lovely to see them all grow together. We had organised a secret santa for the babies which was super cute. They all had little festive outfits on and we swapped gifts, ate cake and drank tea. What more could a mum want?!?

Festive Family Day

Every year we have a day out with some of my partner’s family to celebrate Christmas as we don’t live close by. This year we investigated the Christmas markets with the kids and went for a festive lunch. My partners Gran came too (she’s 86) and it was so nice seeing her with peanut (my grandparents are no longer with us so I cherish these memories the most as I know how much they would have loved peanut). We ate, drank and had good old fashioned family fun. If that’s not what Christmas is all about then I’m getting it all wrong.

We met Santa

This was by far the thing iwas most excited for. I booked in October for our local Dobbies and literally counted down the days. The 45minute wait didn’t fill me with joy bur little miss was good as gold. Finally the big moment…….and she just stares at santa ‘like,who the hell are you’. I got a nice photo which is all I really wanted (at least she didn’t cry).She for a cuddle from Santa and he explained to her what happens at Christmas, it was so sweet.

A side from all of the above (we have been busy this year) we have watched as many Christmas films as your can pack in. I’ve tried to educate peanut in the wide variety of Christmas music. We’ve been to several festive church services and sang carols. All in all I think we have definitely tried to pack as much into Christmas this year as we could. At some moments it’s felt a little chaotic but what would Christmas be without a little running around in a flap.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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