The First Year

Christmas Time……

So it’s safe to say little P had no idea what was going on. She is far too little to have any idea and I think this will still be the case next year too. I, however, was so excited.

We put out a mince pie with a glass of milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph, followed by obligatory first time photo (this photo will never see the light of day beyond an album for her when she grows up as I look like a riot in my PJs, no bra and paler than snow). Off to bed she went and then off to bed we went (let’s all be honest the TV this Christmas has been a real disappointment).

Christmas morning I was up at 7, Peanut was still asleep. Her dad and I opened the contents of our stockings in our bed which is becoming our little tradition (this year he absolutely out did me on the stocking front, to he fair he needed to up his game after the year of the 8 toothbrush heads for my Oral B). Finally I was allowed to get her up (yay). My excitement was absolutely spilling over when we walked into the living room and was showing her that santa had ate and drank what we left, Rudolph had bitten his carrot into the shape of a sleigh and there were lots of presents for her. We began opening presents but beyond the shiny paper, no interest was had. Her dad and I had decided not to go overboard with her gifts as we knew that she wouldn’t really have a clue so we mostly gave her clothes which I had bought in the Next black friday sale. We also bought a Disney classics DVD collection in a special book/box with all 56 films (pretty sure this was actually more for us).

After all the excitement at our house, we packed up the car and headed to my partner’s parents. We were very lucky that his mum had kindly taken on having my parents for Christmas dinner along with us. I was so happy that we could all be together for Peanuts first Christmas.

Both sets of Grandparents truly spoiled her, along with her aunt’s, uncles, godparents and great grandmas. We really did have the best first Christmas for Peanut. She got very overwhelmed by so many people and inevitable got grumpy but on the whole she was brilliant.

Next year will be very different and I’m definitely going to cherish every moment of every year with her.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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