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2019….What’s the aim

I’ve decided to drop the idea of a new years resolution and I’m not the only one this year. It seems we all gets so caught up in to that we make them unachievable and find ourselves giving up quite easily. For 2019 I’ve picked some goals that I would like to achieve and I’ve actually put some thought into them rather than my usual midnight grasp at picking a resolution (after a few prosecco’s).

So what’s the aim?

Given that the bigger chunk of my maternity leave is in 2019 I think it’s important to use this time not only to make family memories with peanut and aid her development with the vast array of classes I’ve been booking like a maniac (she literally has her own calender, which is full), but also to do some good old self care (also seems to be a big theme for people 2019 plans).

Apart from my almost yearly decision to try and tame the blubber, I really want to be more positive. Recent years haven’t always gone to plan and as a result my self belief has taken a hit. Its time to start looking after me so I can look after Peanut and her dad the way they deserve. As for the skincare regime, I’ve been getting away with cheap face wipes, baby wipes and the odd face mask way too long. Before this catches up with me I need to get on top of it (I will age slowly, or at least after using every cream to stop it).

So what’s the reality?

Skin care takes time. Ive had a realisation as to why I’ve failed at this so many times, but I’m sticking with it!

I’ve signed up to a 10k for charity and I’ve started training (I am no runner, so getting on a treadmill is a challenge let alone actually doing 10k, but I will do it as the charity is close to my heart and I really do want to give back).

Memories happen in a instance so I’m going to start taking more photo’s. I have the Snapfish app on my phone which let’s your print 50 free prints (+2.99 delivery) every month. I just need to get an album to start sticking them all in. My parents took hundreds (it may even be thousands) of pictures of me when I was little and I love looking at them and I really want the same for Peanut.

Getting fitter will come (hopefully with the 10k training) and it goes hand in hand with being more positive. Being active has always been my outlet in life. The more active I am the better my mental health is and so I’m generally more positive. I struggled with both when I was pregnant due to feeling rubbish for 9 months so I’m really looking forward to the prospect of getting a little bit of the old me back. So far, so good – watch this space.

So here’s to 2019…..hit me with your best shot!

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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