The First Year

Our Routine (or not)….

Its safe to say that I have definitely went for the more flexible parenting approach. Peanut used to love to be awake for hours in the night when she was first born and originally I was frustrated (her dad even more so) but after a few failed attempts as trying to get her to realise night and day where opposite to what she thought, we ended up just going along with whatever schedule she fell into.

Luckily this approach has meant that from about 10/11 weeks she has been sleeping through most of the night. Suddenly it just clicked on night and after me walking up bolt upright at 6 in the morning to realise I was awake and she was still happily asleep, I’ve never looked back.So here’s a rough look at her daily routine:

Wakes up and has a bottle – about 8

Bottle – 10.30ish

Baby Class – 11 – 12

Out and about – 12-3(Bottle about 1)

Bottle – 4ish

Bath – 6.30ish

Bottle – 7.15ish

Bed – between 7.30 – 8.30

So luckily and our of chance most of her baby classes happen to be at about 11 o’clock and this wasn’t planned but it works out pretty well.

We try to get out and about every day whether it’s a walk, a quick trip to the supermarket, meeting up with friends or going to see grandma and granddad.

As I have started introducing food into her diet (baby rice for now) if we are in the house at 12 or 3 this is usually when I try to give her some. This is usually about 1 hour after a bottle if possible.

I haven’t put naps down in her routine based on the fact that she naps when she wants and it’s very rarely for longer than half an hour. She has never been a baby that naps and I’m not sure she ever will as she is far to scared she misses something.

I am aware of how lucky we have been that Peanut has just fallen into this routine and that it actually works really well for us. She currently sleeps really at night so I’m happy for her not to nap (I’m sure this will change when she’s older), we do get the occasional grumble of tiredness around 6 o’clock but the distraction of a bath normally sways her. I’m sure that this routine will change a lot and there is every chance that we are getting closer to the infamous 4 month sleep regression (I really hope this misses us) so for now I won’t count my chickens.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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