The First Year

Baby Classes…..

I’ve seen a lot of discussions on Instagram etc about baby classes and thought I’d write a little about the ones we go to. I’m fully aware that we are every fortunate to be surrounded by loads of different options as we are in the city and that is often not the case on smaller communities. I’m originally from a small village and im aware that the options are definitely thinner on the ground back home (unless your able to travel for them).

When Peanut was around 4 weeks I was desperate to get out the house and so I found a baby sensory (national group with classes all over Britain, run by the wow group) class I could walk to. This was our first foray into classes. Honestly, 4 weeks was too young for her and she fell asleep through most of the class, but for me I was out and about which saved my sanity a little bit. Now she is older, we still go to baby sensory (all be it in a different venue and with an NCT friend). She loves it now although she does have the occasional meltdown however the mum’s are lovely, there is a small cafe at the venue and we often go for coffee and a chat after. What more could a mum want?!?

When Peanut was 6 weeks old we did a course of baby massage. I was a little bit skeptical at first as to why I needed to do 5 weeks (could I not learn it all in 1 session?) But it soon became evident to this first timer that babies definitely have their limits even if they are getting a lovely massage. Again I met a lovely group of mums, we’ve met up a couple of times and Peanut loved it. I found certain parts of the massage helpful too when she had trapped wind or seemed a little unsettled plus she loves getting her feet rubbed (just like me).

Now that Peanut is 4 months (I have no idea how we got here, it’s a complete blur but she really is that big) we have started Jo jingles and merbabies swimming.

Jo jingles is another national group with classes all over. My friend is also coming with her little one (she’s 5monthd older than peanut) and the girls love it. Its a slightly shorter class than baby sensory but they pack it full. The girls love playing all the instruments and both seem to show some kind of musicality (maybe babies this old actually do have rhythm).

Merbabies swimming is so much fun. This particular group are local to me however with a bit of googling it’s fairly easy to find baby swimming groups, although they can be pricey (this is by far our biggest expense in terms of classes). Little P has always seemed to be a bit of a water baby, loves a bath and when we took her swimming she didn’t scream (this felt like a mini triumph as I really had visions of a full blown meltdown). Again I booked a class with a couple of NCT friends and all the babies so far seem to enjoy it. The class is only half an hour which is perfect and the instructors are really understanding of a babies limits. I was super keen for Peanut to start this as I loved swimming as a child, however as I’ve got older I seem to have developed a fear and I really didn’t want this to effect her.

Every week is pretty busy for us now and my partner gets involved with taking her to some of her classes too (I think it’s just as important for the dad’s to do this so they don’t feel like they miss too much when they are at work), when he isn’t off (he is lucky enough to enjoy some mid week days off however the compromise is working every other weekend) I bombard him with baby spam from the classes of Peanuts development and new things she’s found she likes. To be honest I send him photos of her most days as I think he feels a lot of dad guilt when he’s working a long day and hasn’t seen much of her. I also just like to share when she’s done something exceedingly funny and has no idea.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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