The First Year

To wean or not to wean….

There are many debates about when you should start weaning your baby. With so much information now at people’s finger tips along with confliction from health organisations and baby food brands its an absolute bloody nightmare. Most guidance advises beginning at 6 months and lists the various reasons why, although it really is personal choice and when your child is ready.

As a first time mum, weaning has become one of my biggest concerns. Would I get it right? Would she be ready? When is the right time? How much is too much? Pouches Vs homemade? I mean the list could go on all day.

Weaning is something I spoke at length to my health visitor about (even though I didn’t entirely agree with her, I always valued her information and took it on board). I also spoke to peanuts dad about it a lot and we decided that at 4 months we would start introducing baby rice.

There were many things that lead us to this decision, she was having a lot of milk and we weren’t sure it was fulfilling her, she wanted everything we were eating and would watch us eat. We started with baby rice as it is pretty much thick milk and thought this may be the smoothest transition to the new texture for her. Frankly, she loved it. She would have ate the whole lot given half the chance. We didn’t give her it everyday to begin with, just when we were at home and it was a suitable time. Slowly we built up to giving her about 2 teaspoons everyday. Now we give her it as a breakfast type meal about 1-2 hours after her first bottle.

Once it was established that she wanted food. She hadn’t really rejected any of the baby rice and she clearly wanted more, we decided to try her with some veg. I was a little worried as she’s only just 5 months and I was convinced we were moving too quick (I may also have been a little sad that my baby was clearly becoming a big girl). We decided to start with a pouch basically because I didn’t want to waste a lot of time prepping stuff for her to not even want it. I have no idea what my worry was, parsnip went down a treat. Everyday we’ve tried to give her something new. And we’ve been going about a week now and so far she’s pretty happy with everything. I have a photo on my phone of the first taste of every veg and they will be kept until she is 21 and I can embarrass her. Now I’m going to start making my own puree as we have established a sort of routine for when she gets some and I don’t feel my time would be wasted. All in all I’m glad we went with our instincts, we knew she needed more and really the worst that could happen was her making it clear she wasn’t ready.

Weaning is a step that they all take at some point (when they are ready and at their own pace). Its definitely one of the biggest parent worries in the first year and I think all the confliction detracts from parents trusting themselves to know what is right.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

One thought on “To wean or not to wean….

  1. I’m a second time and still worrying about this!! Lol! It has been 7 years though and my first LOVED his food, think a started around the same time you have with him (maybe sooner! 🙈) but my little one is almost 6 months and is deffo shown an interest so I think this week we will make a start… I like the idea of baby rice first – can’t really go wrong with it can you!! Glad your little one is enjoying her dinners… 😋😋😋


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