The First Year

Forward buying……

Since being on maternity leave I have turned into a coupon lover. When I was working I always found it too much hassle searching for bargains or deals or going to more than one shop for my weekly groceries etc.

Now that I’ll do anything as an excuse to get me and the little one out the house every day, I love a the shops. However, i especially love to forward buy for Little P. The sales for me this year have been a personal challenge of how much can I get in advance for Little P to grow into and not put myself too out of pocket.

For some of the sales I did some pre planning, for example the Next sale. I knew that it would be a lot of their pre Christmas stock/ winter and consider what we would need for next winter for Peanut – jackets, cosy jumpers, and the like. I managed to save just over 50% on what I bought (and was pretty delighted with myself).

In some of the other sales I’ve picked up some Christmas pyjamas for her 2019 Christmas Eve box, some summer bits and bobs (clear out of old stock at varies shops), Sleepsuits, leggings, a Christmas dress for her parties etc. I’ve packed everything into boxes with their age range on them eg 9-12,12-18, and popped them in the bottom of her wardrobe ready for when she is.

I know I might sound a bit mad but maternity pay has been a little bit of a shock to my system and being able to reduce costs where I can is helping me worry less about it. I obviously want my daughter to have the best of everything, ever parent does but why should it break my bank account and have me up at night worrying. She will have the best, just bought at half the price.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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