The First Year

January……it’s been a long month

So we are a month into 2019 and those goals are still….well goals. I have to say that my motivation came out of the blocks well and frankly lost its spirit a little. As for the actual 10k training – I started really well, then I was ill and it’s kind of fell by the way side.

February is another fresh start. We don’t need the start of a year to start something or make goals. My plan for February is to aim to complete a 5k.

My healthy eating was going super well and I even managed to lose 3kg doing a 21 day challenge with Herbalife but then on day 22 there was chocolate and wine (the begining of the slip). Again February is a fresh start and I have been super good with my weekly meal planning and stocking to it meaning there has been a lot less takeaways, comfort food and snacks. I plan to continue this and hopefully reduce the chocolate binging, I mean I’m not giving up chocolate but the binge isn’t as satisfying as you think it’s going to be.

Another one of my goals for 2019 was to read more. In essence this was really just so I would take some time for me in a busy family house. So far I I have read one which is progress, whether or not I manage one a month who knows but I have managed to set a side time for me, even if it’s just five minutes reading before bed rather than playing on my phone or watch down mind numbingly boring TV.

I’ve been trying not to beat myself up to badly about waivering from my goals a little (in a bid to be more positive). They are still achievable and I’ve made progress so I should really be celebrating but not with chocolate lol.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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