The First Year

More drool than a blood hound…….

We are currently all drool and no teeth. I mean it’s pretty hard getting a 5 month old to cooperate long enough to get a look but there is definitely no signs of teethy pegs. We do however have rosy cheeks, dribbling like there is no tomorrow and a love of chewing.

Between the constant changing of dribble bibs (thankfully I over bought in that department and so I’m actually fully equipped for dribble) and the don’t chew that/put it in your mouth, I feel a little like a cd on repeat (or an MP3/download…whatever…. I’m so not down with the kids – get me a tape). I mop her chin all day in a bid to avoid the dreaded drool rash just for her to believe it’s a game and dribble some more. Then there is the saving of the dribble just to spit out just as she has been placed on her play mat, which she proceeds to roll her head in (how many baths is too many in a day? – who am I kidding, unless it’s sick I wipe her hair and let her play).

Frankly I’m a little disappointed about the lack of teeth. I mean she’s been showing signs for at least 2 months and we have nothing. She doesn’t seem in any major discomfort which is good and we’ve not had any (touch wood) bad nights with her because of it, I sense these will come soon enough though. I’m looking forward to her little smile with two little cute pearly whites but maybe not so much the chance of being bitten (that seems to be a hazard of the parent job).

We have copious amounts of teething toys. If they have been adventure and well branded the chances are they reside in our toy box. The best however was the cheap water teething rings my best friend (her godmother) bought her when she was first born. Supermarket own brand, stick them in the fridge to chill them and bobs your uncle, absolute hit with Peanut (she was a little weirded out but the cold the first time). I now keep a steady supple of cold teething rings in a sandwich bag in the fridge for days she seems fussier. Also a massive fan of all things Sophie La Giraffe. Not only is she cute ( I love giraffes) but also just easy for Peanut to manoeuvre (and easy to pop in the changing bag).

So all in all, we are prepared for the teething. She will get her first little teeth soon enough and I’m sure the drooling will not stop then. We may need more bibs (never thought I’d see the day I needed more ) and we may need to continue to carry a weeks supply of clothing. It will all be worth it though for her cute wee teethy pegs.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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