The First Year

Our Holidays……

Well it will come as no surprise that 90% of the ‘stuff’ that was crammed into the back of our car was neither mine nor my partner’s, but for the smallest member of our family. Thankfully my dad was carting the travel cot for us,as we genuinely wouldn’t have had room for it. 4 nights away and if I could have packed the kitchen sink then I may well have done.

In a blur of removing every baby item from our flat, packing it in a bag and ramming it in the car – I forgot to pack for myself. Cue a mad dash to grab as many things that kind of go together, seem clean and might be comfy. This resulted in another luggage bag bursting at the seems with a lot of ‘just in case’s clothes.

Before we had even left I was wondering why. How could this be enjoyable? We were only going 3-4hrs down the country, we would have the car, there are shops (again just in case), but I’d never felt so stressed. You’d think I was going to the moon for a month and found out that they didn’t have tea or wine or worse gin.

Finally we set off and Peanut fell asleep. The journey went pretty smoothly. A few we times stops meant that we managed to stick to routine and when travelling Peanut just napped.

I arrived feeling more happy about the prospect of having a break. The holiday home was lovely. Then we realised we only had half of the monitor so the travel cot would be in us. Not a big problem you say – well you’ve not met our delightful snoring, rustling, leg thumping child. In all honesty though she was actually really good although restless at night which is to be expected in a new place.

Our first full day we made us wife the facilities – going swimming and my dad playing some golf with my other half. We then went and explored the area and stopped for some lunch and shopping.

Day two we decided to venture further afield and took Peanut to sealife. It was amazing. She absolutely loved all the fish tanks and would have happily sat and stared at them a day. Again Mummy did some wondering round the shops although nothing was bought. It was nice to just have some time out as a family though as it doesn’t happen as often as we’d like.

On our last full day we again went swimming, some golf was played and I treated myself to Neon Organics treatment at the spa. We went for a walk round the holiday park and I made dinner for everyone at night. It was really chilled out day but exactly what we all needed.

So the car was jammed full again, the holiday cottage was swept for any stray bit and bobs. Off we toddled home. We stopped a few times just to make sure Peanut was ok and so we could stretch out legs. The journey wasn’t too bad although I think I’m always desperate to get home not matter how long I’ve been away.

I think for our first break 4 nights was long enough. Peanut was fab through the day but unsettled at night which made both me and her dad pretty tired. Short of packing the kitchen sink we had everything with us. In hindsight I should have booked a cottage with a washing machine so we didn’t need quite so many just in case clothes or bibs.

We had a fab time as a family and it was lovely to spend time with my parents too. I only managed one run while I was away but I’m not gonna get hung up on that.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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