The First Year

Easter Weekend…..

So it’s only gone and been the loveliest weekend of the year so far. We were lucky that it happened to fall on my other halves scheduled weekend off.

For me Easter had normally been about rugby sevens, eating chocolate for the sake of it and a bank holiday Monday meaning the first Sunday sesh of the year. Safe to the last few haven’t looked anything like that and I’m glad (although a cheeky wee g+t in the sun is lovely).

For the first time in ages I was looking forward to the prospect of good quality family time. We seem to have had bucket loads in the last month or so with Charlotte’s christening and various other days out. I hadn’t quite realised how down I had been feeling before until now I feel pretty damn good. I’m not gonna pretend the sun doesn’t help but the prospect of two weeks without baby classes (adult mummy contact) and other life stresses had put me in a right old fog. Some lovely evening walks and laughing with my little bestie and her daddy has got me safely back to a sunnier disposition.

So our Easter plans weren’t too out there. Daddy had decided to buy a new driver for the upcoming golf competition season so we did a trip to American golf for him to be fitted (I popped to Tesco to buy an essential sun hat and cream for peanut). An hour or so later daddy was happy and peanut was asleep so we had a nice sit down coffee in Costa and a chat about stuff – not poo, or sick, or toys, or whether she needed a bottle – an actual conversation about life (well golf) but life non the less. Cue another wonder round F+F at Tesco then we were off on our day out.

So our new favourite place is the Zoo. Yes it’s a big bloody hill and the pram is not that easy to push all the way to the top, however, her little face is so worth it (plus I love penguins and will be damned of we don’t see the parade everytime we go). We have our trusty membership which helps us beat the massive queue and use the members entrance (best thing ever!!!). Honestly, I can’t wait for the summer now – if you need me I will be at the zoo staring at penguins with my baby. Of course it was busy and there was also a wedding taking place (safely planted the seed that when we eventually decide to get married – well he pops the question – that the zoo would be a fab venue) but with the weather most of the animals were sun bathing so Peanut saw loads. She is a big fan of the ooh oohs (the monkeys).

Post penguin parade we headed home and everyone conked out. Peanut went for a nap and we just lay ok the couch eating our Easter eggs.

Sunday we got up headed off to church for the family friendly service. We don’t go every Sunday – maybe not even every month but when we can we do. After church we headed to Sunday lunch at the golf club with Grandma, Grandad and Great Grandma. Peanut had her first taste of non mashed up meat (I just shredded a bit with my fork) and potato croquet. She was a very happy girl. She then showed off her new crawling skills to her grandma and great grandma.

All in all, a fab weekend. The sun is still shining and im hoping it’s going to last (well I think everyone is). There’s nothing better than fun in the sun.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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