The First Year

Sleep Roulette…..

I would never bet on a babies sleep. It’s like the shittest game of roulette you’ve ever played. No matter how many times you think you’ve nailed it – you haven’t.

We are currently in a regression ( I think). Either that or some really shitty test. Sleep is coming and going for everyone in our house. Peanut is teething, growing, developing and not sleeping like she used too. Every day is a new adventure into the unknown of will she nap or won’t she. The later leaving me with a screaming, grumpy and stubborn pre-toddler (I’m not sure that’s even a thing but she very much seems to be the n the verge of terrible twos at 8 months FML ).

So far what I’ve learned is:

  • She wants held
  • She doesn’t want held
  • She wants her blanky
  • She doesn’t want her blanky
  • She wants snuggles
  • She doesn’t want snuggles
  • She wants in our bed
  • She doesn’t want to be laid down
  • She doesn’t want to play
  • She does want to play
  • Bottle yes?
  • Bottle no?
  • Nappy change?

So literally I’ve learned nothing. What works today or even this minute, won’t work tomorrow or even this afternoon. Although what I have definitely learnt is there is nothing more tiring than being screamed and cried at. On the whole peanut is pretty placid but with no sleep she could easily break the most stone hearted of people with her tirade of antics.

My sleep is also now hostage to my 8 month old. The current leap or whatever that we are in has also brought the joys of the nightmares. She screams out or cries while asleep on the night. This can happen up to 6 times a night. She’s asleep and isn’t woken by it but me and her dad are found wandering the hall to make sure she’s ok.

Then there is the baby equivalent to sleep walking which is sleep crawling. This results in her clonking her head off the end of the cot at least once a night – which also has her dad or me (mainly her dad) away through to check she’s no damaged her nogin.

When you have a newborn you think that surely that is the most sleep deprived you will be. I’m beginning to rethink this. I may get more sleep (on occasion) now but I am most definitely more exhausted now that I have to chase after a crawling, sofa surfing adventurer.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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