The First Year

My 10k and Me…..

So firstly I did it. There have been many moments in the build up that my self.douby tried to creep in and ruin it for me but I joined thousands on the start line and plodded through walking and jogging my way through.

My time will not break any records and certainly won’t impress anyone but its mine, no one else’s.

At times it was bloody hard but at no point did I think – fuck this I’m stopping. Everyone who takes part is amazing. We all spurred each other on, from runner to runner, the marshals, to the air cadets who had been roped in to help too.

So what made me do a 10k you ask (maybe you didn’t but here we go anyway)?

Two things brought this challenge on –

1) I wanted a motivation to try and get fit after having Peanut. I knew that being a new mum was gonna be hard and I knew I wouldn’t bounce back I’m not some mega watt celebrity but I also knew that if I didn’t start somewhere it would never happen so I took up running. In the begining I felt like a right twat. But you learn to love yourself a little bit while plodding along at snails pace like a red faced donkey. Yes I’ve no miraculous lost all my blubber but I have learned to trust my body again.

2) I did it for a charity close to my heart. I seriously recommend running for a charity because it really does make you follow through. If your like me then frankly letting people down is not and option so therefore in no way shape or form was I not getting my sorry ass round that 10k.

Would I do it again……5k absolutely bloody not but now after I’ve had time to recover (have an ice bath – FML and eat)……yes. I haven’t caught a running bug – well I’m not sure that I have. I’m still not a runner by any stretch but there is a place for it on my life. There is a place for the time it gives me with myself. Time to think. Time to breathe (or pant as the case often is).

So of your sitting reading this thinking should I – then yes you should. I think everyone who is able should try. Push yourself outside your comfort zone. But don’t set yourself up to fail. I picked 10k because of done a couple of 5k fun runs so ultimately I knew I could do it in theory. Theory is now reality.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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