The First Year

3/4 of a year…..

So my little baby is 9 months old. Like when did this happen? I can’t believe that I only have 3 months left on maternity leave and that soon she will be a whole year old.

It’s seems such a cliche to say that you really should cherish every moment but it’s so unbelievably true. I’ve said it before and I will happily shout it from the roof tops – babies are not babies for long. Before having Peanut I had no idea how precious and limited their time as a tiny human is, but believe me I’m well versed in the ‘how is she this big already’ chat.

In what has seemed such a very short period of time my tiny (well she was over 8lb so less of the tiny) helpless baby has turned into a strong and very independent little lady. Milk has been swapped for meals, quiet cuddles are now kisses (with tongues – cheers darling) and naps are now long gone. Although we have less ups on the night, with that comes far more energy to burn and way more exploring (or getting everywhere she shouldn’t be). Nothing is out of bounds now in her eyes and we’ve both had tantrums about her lack of fear.

One thing I had no idea about though was the love. Of course I knew I would love my baby (although not a given for all mum’s in the begining), I had no idea how much it would grow everyday. Although there are days I can go from bursting with pride to wanting to drink all the gin – I wouldn’t for a second change this adventure.

So baby girl when you were growing for 9 months you made mummy realise she had a purpose, like she had found the missing puzzle piece. In the 9 months youve been her with us you’ve stollen my heart, my sleep and my peace and quiet. Your daddy’s little princess. Your cheeky, smart and it’s clear to see your nobody’s fool.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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