The First Year

Why I decided to get a PT…..

So when I was pregnant I was under no illusions that I would ‘bounce back’. And quite frankly what was my pre baby body could have been quite easily been most people’s post baby body. I’ve always been a bit squidgy but active. The gym has been my friend for a long time both for the physical and mental health benefits.

After giving birth to my little girl I knew I had to be easy in myself. In relative terms I didn’t put much weight on apart from round my middle. An unplanned c-section also put paid to my plans of going back to playing rugby within 6 months (in hindsight I have no idea how I thought I’d have the time).

When I returned to activity I gave myself the challenge of completing a 10k. With 5 months of training I did it. I wasn’t fast by any means but I did it. I had proven to myself that I wasn’t a lost cause.

After my 10k I made the decision to get the assistance of a personal trainer. I know this is something that no everyone can afford and being honest I’ve used savings to pay for it. I’ve worked with the lovely Colin before so I trusted him to understand what I wanted to achieve and why.

As someone who’s always done some sort of activity I found that I didn’t trust my body after my c-section. Before I’d always known my limitations but now I felt like my body wasn’t my own anymore. I struggled to keep active while pregnant due to pelvic pain and the fact I was bloody exhausted. I knew that the only way to learn to trust my body again was to make myself understand my capabilities again.

I decided to get a PT so that I wouldn’t give up on myself. I wouldn’t wake up one day and got sod it there is no point. I also decided to get a PT because he understands what I can do a lot better than I do. When I would stop he will push me another couple of reps. He pushes me to do more, lift heavier and work longer. I make the most out of my time in the gym now given its limited to when I can work round my partner.

In 6 weeks I’ve managed to lose 18cm in totally from my body. I would never have achieved this if it wasn’t for being accountable. Having conversations about what I’m eating or how I’m training. I don’t plan to a skinny Minnie with a toned physique. I plan to be happy in my clothes and be able to happily run after my daughter. Yes I’m doing this for my own self esteem but mainly so that my daughter has a good example.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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