Mummy Moments

We moved house…..

So it’s been a month since the big move. It already feels like this is home. I remember my mum saying that when they walked into the house they bought when they got married they just both knew. Weirdly I think I felt the same when we bought this house. Gary made a comment about Charlotte learning to ride her bike on the little extra bit of driveway and it was clear we both saw forever here.Anyway I digress.

Things I’ve learnt about moving with a one year old….

  • Packing is double as hard because they want to ‘help’ aka one thing in, everything out.
  • Throwing stuff out is so cathartic.
  • Going through all your stuff can be very emotional.
  • You question your decision daily
  • You can live with a lot less than you think.
  • The final clean will make you question your cleaning schedule.
  • It’s best if your children aren’t actually their on actual moving day (Charlotte was at nursery).
  • Try to remember you family are their to help, you can’t do it all (even if you are superwoman).
  • Pre-order an online food delivery – the last place you wanna go is the supermarket for a food shop after lugging boxes for hours.
  • Make sure that the child’s room is a priority then normal routine can be kept as close as possible.
  • Hide empty boxes, poly styrene (yes I googled the spelling), plastic – basically anything your small child can play with that they shouldn’t or will make a mess.
  • Don’t expect miracles, just be happy that you can close your new door knowing everything is in.

There are so many different ideas swishing through both mine and Gary’s heads about how we would like rooms to look or colours to paint. I think Christmas is going to be a great distraction as we are in a new build so pairing is still some time off. Getting used to the space didn’t take long but some rooms still feel a bit out of sorts which will take time for use to figure out what needs to go where.

For now we are so incredibly happy to have been able to move into what is a dream house for us. But most of all to Gary’s Aunt, Uncle and they’re girls for coming round on the first night with a chinese takeaway – including all the plates, cutlery and glasses for juice then taking the whole lot away leaving us with no dishes. You guys were the cherry on the top of our cake.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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