The First Year

Sorry Santa…..

For those of you who are eagle eyed I’ve been a bit AWOL this week. 100% thanks to the little munchkin sharing her sickness bug with me, her dad and then unfortunately her grandparents. Frankly, this week’s been a write off.

I had planned to spruce up the house (hahaha see what I I’d there) but have settled for the artificial tree and have literally just plonked it in the corner and shoved the decorations on it. I may return at a later date and fix it but regardless it is up.

This Christmas shopping has been kind of finished. I know two days before I will be running around thinking I need a little something more for this person or I’ll have totally though I bought something and won’t have.

This Christmas spirit is…….lacking. We have watched some films. We’ve been to see Santa and the poor guy got screamed at – safe to say she’s not a fan this year. Christmas crafts have been attempted. Oranges have been dried out. Garlands have been wrapped around Bannister’s. However, the festive feels are yet to arrive. I’ve written some cards and posted some but I’ve cut back this year. In fact I think every area of Christmas this year’s has been cut back a little because of the move and the plan was too do more christmassy things like crafts or visits to glowing woods with sparkly lights. Everything I suppose is just a bit off kilter. Funny how moving house can just throw your off a little bit.

My hope is that over the next week or so we will get some festive cheer ramping up in the house. Charlotte has her nursery Christmas party which mummy is fairly excited about, we have our secret santa exchange at work and we have some family visiting which is also lovely.

I definitely think I need to do some organising, reshuffling and decorating to feel the Christmas spirit so that’s the plan…..let’s see how it goes.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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