The First Year

My January Favourites….

So this is a bit different for me but there have been a few things I have actually been living in January and though why not share. Sharing is caring after all.

First up is Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisturise. I’ve never been one to religiously put on moisturiser after a bath or a shower – more of a , oh I forgot I had that better use it up once a month if you lucky kinda gal. This however has been a bit of a game changer as you put it onto damp skin straight after your out the bath or shower and then you just dry yourself off. You’d don’t have to worry about wondering about before attempting to wriggle into your jeans because your not left greasy. Frankly for me it’s brilliant.

Next up is the MYzone Mz3 Belt. This is a heart rate monitor that is in the gym. I used to have a fitbit but somewhere in the move we lost it so when I joined a new gym and saw thay your could rent a MYzone belt I thought I’d give it a go. In short it switches on when you put in on and you place around your bra line. It picks up your heart rate during your exercise and based on the fluctuations during the exercise it gives you points for how hard your working. These can be compared in your workouts and at the end it gives your percentage of effort. Now if your quite competitive like me and want to get full use of the short time I sometimes get in the gym then it’s fab. In some classes in my gym there is also a screen which shows the current percentage effort of those with belts on so I suppose you can compete with others if you want to. I just find it helpful to know if my effort in the gym is worth it.

So the next thing I’ve been loving is Spacemask. I was kindly given a box for my Christmas from my other half as he knew I was a fan and I’m so glad he did. If you don’t already follow Harriet on Instagram then you need to for starters also her product is quite frankly brilliant. Spacemasks are eyemasks which are self heating and have been infused with jasmine. They not only relax you when you’ve had a day you don’t want to repeat but if like me your someone who suffers migraines then they are essential when you are women down. They just make everything a little better. I absolutely can’t recommend them enough.

So this year again I’m attempting to read more books. So far one down. This month I’ve been engrossed in Bella Mackie’s Jog On Journal. I’ve been quite open about my struggles with mental health previously and that I myself value exercise to help. This journal is a great little self help tool to help you understand that not only are you not alone but you can do it. With a section on anxiety and a section on running you can go back time and time again to boost yourself or remind yourself of what you need. I love it because it not only has got me back out attempting to run but it’s helped me realise that I don’t need to let anxiety rule my life. Thank you Bella Mackie!

Another thing that got topped up and Christmas and is definitely in my can’t live without category is – Bobbi Brown Make Up Melter and Cleanser. Let’s just start by saying is smells so good. I use quite a few Bobbi Brown products and this is definitely a firm favourite. It’s a light mouse cleanser that can removed make up in an instance and leaves your skin feeling amazing. I find it quick and easy to use which being a mum is key. It just makes me feel good and really that’s what your want from your skincare.

Lastly, Radox Stress Relief and Feel Relaxed. Now I love a bath and these bath soaks are my go to time and time again. Occasionally I through in the Muscle Soak good measure. Not only do I find their fragrances very relaxing, I also find them very purse friendly. I have a bath most nights as I find it the best way to wind down the day – especially if I’ve been to the gym. It’s safe to say I go through a fair amount of bath stuff so value for money is high on my priority list along with how lovely they make my bath. Im a definite fan of all the bubbles and Radox do not disappoint.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my January favourites. Whether is becomes a regular thing or not I don’t know yet but we will see. Hopefully I will have lots of books to tell you about if I manage to actually read more.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags (but not after using a Spacemask)