The Second Year

Bad Behaviour or Just Frustration….

Our house at the moment feels a bit like we have hit the terrible twos early. Tantrums have started along with some resilience to listening. Charlotte is only 17 months so part of me is wondering whether it is just a development leap or whether now is the time to set out some hard ground rules to stead us well through the next few years.

I don’t think anything quite prepares your for the first tantrum in a public place. Charlotte took to the floor in B&M like a seasoned pro. I just stood their with her dad thinking ‘how did we get to this?’.

So the things we are currently encountering are:

  • Jelly Legs – anytime you want to put her down but she doesn’t wish to be put down then she just won’t stand on her legs
  • Crying and throwing her dummy at your face if you say no
  • Hiding her dummy behind her back when your try to take it off her (we are attempting to use it less)
  • Tantrums – throwing herself at the floor and rolling about
  • Screaming like a banshee
  • Hitting your in the face
  • Throwing things at people or objects like the mirror in our hall
  • Actively not listening by doing exactly what you’ve told her not to but she looks at you while doing it

As with everything in life some days are better than others. More often than not the bad days requires some kind of parent friendly wine consumption at the end of the day. On the whole she’s really well behaved and will generally listened but when she goes rogue, well it’s bloody tiring.

We have adopted the 1,2,3 and naughty step as our consequences. I’m no super nanny and you’ll quite often hear me repeating the numbers like she cares what I say but I actually hope she just didn’t hear me. On the whole it works if you say them loud enough and she understands that the naughty step isn’t some where she wants to go. If you ask her she shakes her head. When we are out I gene tend to do 1,2,3 then remove her from the situation just long enough to break away her attention before allowing her back to play. I’d love to say it works but let’s be honest she is wise beyond her years like all tiny people and gets smart. She knows what it means but pleads ignorance. I mean we all do at some points in our life don’t we.

For us at the moment it’s just a game of trying to figure out what is bad behaviour and what is frustration at us not knowing what she is trying to communicate . I suppose we are in a bit of a no mans land between those baby cries we were familiar with and he being able to talk confidently enough that we grasp what she’s saying. There has been some pointing and grunting from both sides. I guess it’s a phase and like the many before it we will get through but some days there just wouldn’t be enough wine in France!

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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