The Second Year

This Lockdown has taught me…

With another at least 2 weeks to go I feel now is as good a time as any to talk about what I’ve learnt during lockdown.

1/ I need to workout for my own sanity. It doesn’t need to be a brutal 1/2 marathon or a 2 hours weigh session but I do need to do some level of exercise that distracts me from the day to day. I’ve been doing a programme through Beach Body On Demand which I’ve been loving. I’ve also found some yoga videos that I can follow so when it all gets a bit much which has helped more than I thought it would.

2/ I am not a Stay at Home Mum. Kudos to those who are but I love my job as well as my child. The first few weeks felt like a little holiday but now that we are past that ‘honeymoon’ phase it’s really tough. I feel like I used all my great ideas to occupy her too quickly and now I’m out. She’s a bit bored of me too and it’s showing. I miss adult company as my partner is still working 5 days a week and if I have to watch back to back Mr Tumble/Justin’s House for much longer then I’m gonna be an alcoholic!

3/ Wine and Coffee are essentials! Coffee has long since been top of my morning to do list, it is drank swiftly after getting up and then I may proceed with my day. At the end of the day I never used to really have much time for sitting relaxing with a glass of vino. The mad after work rush of picking up Charlotte, trying to make gym classes, bedtime routine, dinner, organised for the next day then bed for me never really left any room for sitting down to relax or even pour a glass of wine. Now I have time and it’s quite nice. I’m drinking copious amounts but after a long day of occupying a toddler an after dinner glass seems quite civilised.

4/ I enjoy cooking. Due to the aforementioned lack of evening time and rushing about cooking often seems like a burden. Stuff normal gets flung in a pan/the Oven or occasionally the mirror wave and food is consumed. Because I’m at home at dinner time every night and most evenings my other half is home from work by 6 we have having family meals. I loving prepare something – not fancy but occasionally a little experimental – and we all sit down and eat together. Recipe books have been out and lists have been made for ingredients to make things ‘I’ve always fancied’. If anything it’s suggested when we return to normal that batch cooking meals is the way forward as nothing quite beats homemade.

5/ I need to reduce my screen time. I love a good scroll through the gram or Facebook and I’m forever googling recipes, things I would like to buy, answers to questions but sometimes I just need to put down my phone and walk away. I’ve been trying to make an effort to not let Charlotte be sat in front of the tv all day during lockdown but I seriously need to make some rules for myself! Between my phone, the tv and sorting stuff on the laptop – well that’s most of my day – I need to prioritise my screen time and make sure that I put them down when I find myself just scrolling for the sake of it.

6/ I should read more. I’ve finally finished a book I’ve been chilling away at for about two months then quickly read another one straight after. I’ve started a third and with my plan to reduce screen time I’m hoping to swap some evening tv for reading. I forgot how nice it was to just get lost in a book and it’s really good for relaxing which isn’t easy when your at home 24/7.

I feel like this list could go on all day but the reality is when we go back to some sort of normality then I need to learn to slow down when our busy life allows. The biggest thing being home has taught me is that I need to be grateful for this time because many of these moments we won’t get again. Charlotte is at a great age and I’m here for things I might of missed. I’ve managed to get some house organising done that was on the back burner and we’ve made plans for the garden that we will tackle hopefully in the summer. Slowing down has most likely given us all a break from the daily hustle that we didn’t know we needed. Yes it’s stressful in a different way and there is a lot of frustration about our limitations but there is light at the end of the tunnel and life will maybe just seem a little bit sweeter when we get there.

From the exhausted mummy and her eye bags

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