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Weight loss – why now…..

For most lockdown has not been the time to consider their weight. Gyms are closed which is meaning many have stopped doing most of what they used to in order to keep fit. If your plan had been to do something at home then trying to get a hold of free weights like dumbbells is almost impossible.

Just before we went into lockdown and it seemed inevitable we gathered all of Gary’s old weights from his dads garage in order to put together some kind of workout space. I think I’ve actually worked out in our garage all of twice since lockdown because it’s not practical with Charlotte on the go. For starters when she’s asleep the monitor can’t be picked up for there.

My alternative has been online workouts and I do them in living room either around Charlotte playing or when she naps. I’ve found some amazing programs thanks to @scotfitmummy. My fear of workout at home not being enough has been completely quashed and I’m definitely considering it more long-term as it’s cheaper than the gym plus easier to fit in round a toddler.

I digress. For me lockdown started like any all inclusive holiday and I just ate what I liked, when I liked. Unfortunately I’m not one for moderation and the biscuits were never safe. There was less of the homemade and more of the convenience- although time was no longer an issue as i wasn’t working.

I started to try to be more sensible but I often find I decide to go from one extreme to the other. Cutting out completely all the things I feel I shouldn’t have. This normally results in binges followed by guilt. A lot of guilt.

As lockdown continued I decided now was as good a time as any to make a proper change. I signed up to a group (@munrofitness) ran by a nutritionist, sent in my stats and read up on how best to change my diet – for life not just for lockdown . It may seem odd to do it now when everything is so out of sorts but for me it’s given me time to get used to changes I’ve made. I have more time in my day to plan and prepare. I hope that by the time I’m returning to work that I will feel more equipped to make better choices and that this planning will pay off. I’ve done one check in with my coach and my progress has been good.

Yes there will be times that I go a bit overboard but not feeling shame or guilt because I know I can get up the next day and start a fresh has been a real lightbulb moment. One day or ever one meal doesn’t need to ruin a week or a month. I’ve watched so many friends practically starve themselves on weigh in days for their slimming club only to binge start after they step off the scales. Many stuck in cycles. I’ve done it myself. This is definitely the polar opposite.

Within reason I can have whatever I want. I mean it’s not wise to eat all the digestives but two with coffee isn’t going to kill me. I just need to consider what I’m putting in my body in order to get the best from my body. Sounds all a bit of a cliche yet it’s taken me the best part of my 20’s to find this point. I do not seek a perfectly toned size 8 body. What I do want is health for my daughter. I want to be able to run about with her. I want to see her grow up. I want her to have a good relationship with food. So it’s not really about losing weight it’s more about living life.

Jacqui x

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