The Second Year

This Lockdown has taught me…

With another at least 2 weeks to go I feel now is as good a time as any to talk about what I’ve learnt during lockdown. 1/ I need to workout for my own sanity. It doesn’t need to be a brutal 1/2 marathon or a 2 hours weigh session but I do need to… Continue reading This Lockdown has taught me…

The Second Year

2 weeks in…..

I’ve been off work for exactly 2 weeks now. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve seen friends, family or even been further than about 5 miles to get essentials. My thoughts about being in relative lockdown go back and forth. One minute I’m loving the chance to spend quality time with Charlotte and the next… Continue reading 2 weeks in…..


More sick than a choppy sea crossing.

From the title you may have already guessed that my journey into motherhood certainly made itself known. At 5 weeks pregnant I had to announce my delightful news to my colleagues and boss (mainly due to the constant running back and forth to the staff room and toilet). The morning (all day) sickness was relentless.… Continue reading More sick than a choppy sea crossing.